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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Kids Castle recognized by Government of Karnataka?

All Kids Castle Preschool are recognized with Government of Karnataka and have been authorized to run as a preschool by local Block Education Officers. Kids Castle follows all rules and regulations as required by Government of Karnataka and are registered with them.

2) Is preschool important for my child?

Yes, preschooling is one of the most important learning step for your child. Preschools provide a home like atmosphere to your child and enhance the learning of the child in the cognitive years of development. The first 5 years are most critical and preschools are only designed to meet the needs of children from 2 to 5 years.

In a preschool children from the age of 2 to 5 years are the only one’s who needs to be addressed to, unlike primary and secondary schools wherein children from all age group come for education hence preschool specialize only to cater to the needs of 2 to 5 years old. Once a child is exposed to a preschool environment he/she can face a formal school experience much better.

3) What are the unique features at Kids Castle?

Kids Castle has a number of unique features which makes us different from other preschools. Some of these features are mentioned below:

  1. Soft/Padded flooring across the school.

  2. Digital classroom in association with Raptor for digital classroom support.

  3. Recognition from Government of Karnataka unlike many schools which can face closure at any point of time.

  4. Safety doors to avoid any accident related to fingers.

  5. Insurance coverage for all children in association with Star Health Insurance Limited.

  6. Non-toxic play equipments.

  7. Spacious schools and big classrooms.

  8. 360° child development curriculum.

4) How is writing introduced to my child?

Teaching how to write is a holistic process at Kids Castle. The entire process is outlined below:

  1. Introduction to Phonics at Playgroup level to understand sound and recognition of letters.

  2. Beading activities to enhance finger grip to a child.

  3. Croyon based artactivities to hold a pencil properly. Color within boundaries.

  4. Introduction to pre writing practices like standing line, sleeping line, zig-zag lines, circles etc.

  5. Practice writing on a four line English Note book.


The above points are followed for almost a year and then only we can say that the child has been introduced to writing, post which the writing would be enhamced through regular practice.

5) How do I get to know what is been taught at school to my child?

Through our Preschool Connect app and newsletters you will always remain updated about the progressof your child on a regular basis.

5) Are there any books and uniforms provided at the school?

Yes, Kids Castle provides book sets to all children while the dress code is introduced from LKG onwards.

6) Shall I admit my child to a 100% Montessori school or 100% Kindergarten school?

Both the Montessori and Kindergarten are important methodologies of learning in a preschool. Montessori focuses on fine motor skill development and gross motor skill development while Kindergarten aligns itself to CBSE/ICSE mode of learning followed in a primary and secondary schools.

A 100% Montessori school would not be able to deliver on certain key aspects like writing & Math as classroom concepts are better taught in Kindergarten mode of teaching. A child faces a number of learning issues once a child enters primary school starting from First standard.

A 100% Kindergarten school would not be able to deliver on enhancement of fine and gross motor skills which requires specialized use of Montessori equipments like cylindrical blocks, red rods, brown stairs etc.

Hence, Kids Castle follows an approach wherein we pick the best practices of Montessori as well as Kindergarten. The curriculum is so designed that best learnings of Kindergarten and Montessori are used while teaching to a child.

7) What is student : teacher ratio followed at Kids Castle Preschool?

Kids Castle ensures that a healthy student teacher ratio is always followed across all groups. We follow the following ratio at the school:

8) How can I check school event pictures and videos?

Kids Castle has a dedicated Facebook page as wherein you can check pictures of school events and activities. Apart from that we have created Whatsapp group also to reach to parents all the time.

9) How safe is my child at the school?

At Kids Castle we completely believe that safety of school is prominent and utmost priority for a parent. Every school at Kids Castle has minimum 8 CCTV camera’s to 16 CCTV camera’s operational at the school. The teaching staff is 100% female and regular checks are done to ensure that no harm, physical or mental, is forced on the child. Visitors are only allowed

We have Zero tolerance policy towards anyone who can create any harm to any child.

10) Are all Kids Castle Preschool centers similar in approach of teaching and set up?

Yes, all Kids Castle schools follow same curriculum and have similar approach for set up. The set up of school may differ basis the space available.

11) Is transport facility avavilable?

Yes, transport facility is available at all centres it is either directly managed or third party outsourced. We always ensure that Kids Castle staff is always available in the school transport.

12) Is transfer facility from one centre to another available?

 Any child studying in Kids Castle transfer from one centre to another center at zero transfer cost.

13) Does Kids Castle operates Day Care? What facilities are available at Kids Castle Day Care?

Yes, all schools of Kids Castle has a day care centre running at the premises. The day care starts from 8:30 AM till 7:30 PM.

Keeping in mind the need of working parents, Kids Castle has developed unique day care facilities for children. The after school hours are full of constructive activities to keep the young one’s engaged all the time. Unlike most of the day care where meals and sleep are the only facilities provided to day care children, Kids Castle offers a number of activities to the children.

We follow the highest standards of hygiene and ensure that the day care coordinators are working in shifts in order to remain fresh and attentive for the complete day. Usual schools employ day care teachers working straight from morning 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM which are very difficult for a day care coordinator to follow. At Kids Castle the day care staff is separate from the school teaching staff and they come in shifts to attend to day care needs.

14) Does Kids Castle conducts Summer Camp?

Kids Castle summer camp starts in First week of April every year and continuous till 3rd week of May. The summer camp is divided between 2 to 5 years age group and 5 years and above. Age based activities are conducted at the camp.

15) Are teachers teaching my child equipped enough with teaching methodologies?

 Kids Castle always looks forward to have an experienced and knowledgable staff as teachers. Kids Castle always prefers hiring staff which is Nursery Teacher trained (NTT) or Montessori teacher Trained (MTT) or a B.Ed.

 Kids Castle also operates it’s own Nursery Teacher Institite wherein the teaching staff is provided with enough training to equip better with teaching methodologies.

16) Is toilet training provided at the school?

The toilet training alwaysstarts from home and at school we just take it forward. Kids Castle imparts toilet training by following a routine wherein a child is taken to the washroom when he/she reaches the school, before mealtime, after mealtime and when he/she is leaving in afternoon. Slowly and gradually the child falls into this pattern and starts informing the teachers and maids as and when he/she feels the urge.

17) How does Kids Castle helps in developing speech of my child?

 Speech is one of the most important aspect we work on with your child. Speech development is progressed through our stage activities, circle time activities and mike time. A child is exposed to a lot of venues where he/she has to speak socially among a group. Common language of speaking is kept as English only which gives a common platform to all children to converse.

18) How is development of my child assessed at Kids Castle?

 Through our regular Parent Teacher Meetings (Once every 2 months) you will be updated about your child’s progress and development.