Why Franchise?


Why Franchise?

Benefits from Franchising with Kids Castle

Direct and franchise operations:

Kids Castle follows a unique methodology of operations wherein Kids Castle operates their own direct centers as well as franchise operations too. Presently almost all preschool franchise operators execute business in franchise mode only and are not able to cope up with changing demands in market nor deeply understand the franchise requirements. Kids Castle operates in a dual mode, Franchise as well as own centers, thereby Kids Castle is more connected with their franchise

Being Competition Proof:

The current preschool industry is fiercely competitive and the quality standards are heading north with every academic year. Being associated with Kids Castle helps you to search a property which is competition proof as well as the set up is done in such a format that Kids Castle preschool provides the best facilities among all preschools.

Marketing Support:

At Kids Castle we believe that Marketing is as important as setting up a school. Kids Castle undertakes a number of Marketing activities to promote the brand as well as promote an individual centre.

Curriculum Support:

Curriculum stands the most important part which differentiates us from the rest of the preschool. At Kids Castle we aim at developing curriculum which is a blend of Montessori, Kindergarten and Rudolf Steiner method. We do not follow a single method of curriculum while we pick up the best practices followed in different practices of pre-schooling. The curriculum keeps on changing year over year and gears itself to ever-changing needs of the preschool world.

Technology Support:

Kids Castle integrates the curriculum with latest available technological support in the market. The curriculum is integrated with an Interactive Touch Board Software developed for Kids Castle. We make use of Interactive Touch Board predominantly with our curriculum which helps our children to understand better.